Monday, March 26, 2012

Elliot's March 26 email

Here's the latest email from Elliot.

Hi family!

Thanks so much for getting my apartment squared away. I think I'll send President an email today or maybe give him a call about classes. I talked to Sister Bennett who's in the Lawton 1st ward and also going to BYU and she got permission from President Taylor to go online on the day she is going to register. So I'll see what I can do. I should be able to take care of it though. I'm also contemplating switching my major to something along the lines of becoming a physician's assistant. I decided I really like working with people and I feel like that would be a good route for me. But we'll see. If for whatever reason I can't register for classes I'll have either President or Sister Taylor contact you.

Yeah there are a ton of huge crane flies dad. They are massive and they're everywhere. You'll walk across some tall grass and out of nowhere a whole group of them will fly up around you. I haven't been bit yet though. But it's wild because our apartment AC hasn't been turned on yet so it's hot in there, but we can't leave the back door open otherwise we get an infestation of them. So we have our windows open 24/7 with fans blowing in. It's okay at night but hot during studies or planning sessions. [The Lawton Constitution featured a story on Friday, "Crane flies invade Lawton." It turns out that crane flies, aka "Texas mosquitoes," do not bite and are not dangerous to humans. But they're kind of ugly, especially in large swarms.]

But Lawton is still good! The work is going super well. It seems like all of our investigators are progressing super well and I figure that many of them will be baptized in the coming months. One thing in particular that was cool was "Joe," a guy they were visiting here a few months back who was ready for baptism but moved out the week before he was set to be baptized, moved back into town. So he still wants to be baptized and it should happen sometime next month. He's pretty solid and we're excited for him. It's really cool to see so many people growing in faith and to see all of our hard work pay off. I hope the best for them.

Tell TJ and Troy I say congrats! [Two of Elliot's friends from home have weddings planned, TJ Schramm on April 28 and Troy Norton on April 13.] And that is a cool name Keith and Kim picked out. [The baby is due in early June!] I call dibs on being the cool uncle.

Les amo!

Elder Elliot

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