Sunday, June 24, 2012

Napa Valley Register: "Missionaries on a mission"

Last Sunday, the Napa Valley Register featured two stories about missionaries serving in California's wine country. Elders Jace Felix and Ty Mair, both from Utah, are currently stationed in Napa. The two stories, "Missionaries on a mission" and "Walking with the missionaries," describe their experiences. The latter story in particular provides an interesting and detailed look into a fairly typical weekday as the two missionaries seek to contact members of the community who may be interested in learning more about the Church.
On a recent weekday afternoon, after referring to a city map marked in numbered sections, Felix and Mair set out to go “contacting” in a quiet northeast Napa neighborhood. 
Arriving by car, the two parked on a side street, hopped out of their vehicle and strapped on two black backpacks. 
They wasted no time. Holding copies of the Book of Mormon and introducing themselves as Elder Felix and Elder Mair, the two men earnestly knocked on doors, poked their heads into open garages and generally chatted up anyone they saw. 
For the most part, Napans were welcoming to these two strangers in their midst.
The story then describes the missionaries' encounters with various people, some positive, some less so. But the story provides a very realistic look at a typical day in the life of a missionary, and probably very typical of the experience Elliot is having. Both stories are worth a read.

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