Monday, February 28, 2011

Elliot's February 28 email and pictures

Here's the latest from Elliot.  And he included three new pictures, which you can see after the jump.


Say congrats to Alyssa for me! [Alyssa was accepted to BYU, starting this fall!] Three Cougars. Between us and Jimmer, BYU is the place to be! And that's awesome about Hawaii but not about getting sick.

I'm still doing just fine out here. I'm just continuing to work and trying to stay busy. We've been getting a lot of referrals lately especially from so it's been good, but the only problem is some of the referrals are in towns that are far and it's hard to coordinate our schedule with those of others. But we've been getting some good work done and we're staying good and healthy.

Because of the short month and snow days we've had plenty of miles to spare so we've been able to be a little more fluid with where we go as opposed to being stuck in one town all day. We were even able to go to Corn, Oklahoma! It was pretty exciting, but a very, very small town. I'm getting accustomed to saying things like "y'all" and "fixin to" (for example: I'm "fixin to" play soccer after emails today, "y'all".) It's so fun learning two new languages out here; Spanish and Southern.

This past week was more or less slow. I don't know why but it just seemed like no one was home, appointments were falling through, and just things like that. And sometimes it can be a little discouraging feeling like nothing is happening. But that's where diligence comes in. We just kept on moving forward, tracting if that was all we had left. When the teaching pool gets thin that's what you gotta do. But we often have good experiences tracting. Just yesterday we tracted around a whole street and just got nothing except one potential, even though I think it was just a little old lady trying to be nice. I was still having a good time, it was a nice day and people were nice even if generally uninterested. But we just kept going until the last house which was pretty incredible. We both felt the Spirit like we walked into a wall when we came up to the house and we talked to this lady who told us about some of her problems she had going on like a son with a blood disorder and general sickness in the house. We didn't have too much time with her then, but she did take a Book of Mormon and told us to come back. I really hope that she reads it and acts on the promptings she gets. I don't really know what might come of us teaching her family but it was just another example to myself that I just need to keep moving forward no matter what, because God will put people in our path. So I just need to toughen up and keep doing what I'm supposed to do!

Well I love y'all and hope y'all are doing well! I'm looking forward to when me and Alyssa are in the same grade!


Elder Elliot Adair

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