Monday, February 28, 2011

Oklahoma City Auto Show (and old pictures of Elliot)

The Oklahoma City Auto Show opens this Wednesday at the Oklahoma State Fair Park.  Elliot would undoubtedly love to attend, as auto shows have been an Adair family tradition for many years.  The Adair boys (Keith, Elliot, and dad) eagerly anticipated the Los Angeles Auto Show every year.  When it finally arrived, we'd travel to downtown LA, park at dad's office, and walk down Figueroa to the Los Angeles Convention Center.  It was all about the cars.  We loved them all, but always spent a little extra time with the exotics.  After the show, we'd grab some lunch and head home with a bag of goodies and car brochures that would clutter the house for several days.  With the Adair boys now scattered near and far, the auto show tradition is one that may live on only in our memories.  But fortunately we do have some pictures and I thought it would be fun to share some of Elliot from the last auto show we attended, in 2008 while Keith was on his mission in the Dominican Republic.  We took dozens of pictures and sent them to Keith.  Enjoy them after the jump.

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