Monday, June 13, 2011

Elliot's June 13 email

Here's the latest message from Elliot.  It sounds like he had a great week.


Wow the Pioneer trek [the Valencia California Stake youth, including Elliot's sister Alyssa, went on a pioneer trek this past weekend; see some pictures here]. I'm glad to hear y'all had a good time. It's looks to me like Bishop Cannon [Elliot's previous bishop, pictured] had the right idea though, driving the truck instead of pushing a cart.

I got your package dad, thanks! And mom - I'm actually doing fine on contacts, I still must have 5-6 boxes of them left.

So much awesomeness happened this past week that I don't even know where to start. On Monday night we had a few appointments fall through, so we went and followed up on some people we had met the previous week. One of the 5 or so people we had given a Book of Mormon to the Tuesday before had read the whole thing in two days, which just doesn't happen. Ever. So we set up to come back the next day and had a super awesome lesson. She knows the Book of Mormon's true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, and she's excited to get baptized on the 16th of July! She's now introducing us to family and friends and has experienced so much happiness just these past few weeks that she wants to share it with everyone. During Friday night I had a dream about a person that we had tracted into on Thursday. In the dream she dropped us and said she wasn't interested. She lives in Purcell. On Saturday we were working up in Noble, and things fell through later on, around 7. I felt so strongly that we needed to go see this girl though. She really had been on the back of my mind all day. So I told Elder Nield this, he said "Bold moves make winners," and we were immediately headed to her house. The teaching environment wasn't exactly perfect; the ac was blowing super loud and super cold right on me, she was with her boyfriend who didn't seem too interested, and her dad was just hitting the road to go out and party for the night. But we taught anyway. They both started getting more and more interested as the lesson went along, we were testifying and explaining how it had blessed our lives and how it can bless theirs, and when we invited them to be baptized they both said yes! Those were just a few of the experiences from this past week, but so much happened that was all so great. I love this work. I love being guided to know who to see and what to say. I even love knocking doors in 100 degree weather. 

Everything's going good! My only hope right now is that I don't get transferred again!

Love you all!

Elder Elliot Adair

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