Sunday, June 5, 2011

Missionary reports on the Oklahoma tornadoes

We're looking forward to hearing more from Elliot about the recent tornadoes, since we didn't get an email from him last week.  But we did find a couple of reports from other missionaries in Elliot's mission, Elder Woolley and Elder Ellsworth, via their blogs.  We think Elliot was probably with them at a meeting in Moore, Oklahoma, on May 24 when the tornadoes hit.  In his last email, Elliot's companion, Elder Nield, reported that he would be working with a different missionary that week since Elliot would be attending meetings.  Then when we read Elder Woolley's blog and Elder Ellsworth's blog, we put the pieces together.  Both of them were attending meetings at a stake center in Moore, Oklahoma, with the mission president, so we concluded that's likely where Elliot was also.  Everyone was fine, and it turns out that the safest place to hide in the building during a tornado is the women's restroom!  We hope there's a picture somewhere of a group of missionaries and their mission president huddled together in the women's restroom for safety.  And we also learned that the Mazzio's pizza guy delivers during tornadoes.  Talk about a great advertising campaign.

Elder Woolley's blog includes a few pictures and describes some of the work he and other missionaries did to help with cleanup efforts.  It's great to see the missionaries out performing service like that.

And from the adjacent Tulsa Oklahoma mission, we also found a report from a missionary, Elder Swanger, about the tornado that hit Joplin.  You can read it here.

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