Monday, July 25, 2011

Elliot's July 25 email

Here's the latest email from Elliot.


Sorry that the Tour's over dad. But that reminds me, MSU (in my area and where I'm currently sitting at a computer), has like the best college cycling team in the nation. I haven't heard too much, but I hear they are really big on it. Pretty cool.

All of the meetings this past week were really great. I feel re-energized to do the work and try my hardest. It's crazy to think about, but my year mark is really only a few weeks away. It may not be going very fast for you mom, but it's flying by for me. I just want to do all I can.

We only had 2 days to work here this past week, but it was really good. We got a new investigator and taught quite a few lessons. Elder Andersen is really awesome. We're able to get out and just have a good time with the work. There's a very good chance he'll be heading out here in a week and a half, but we'll see. Whatever happens I know it'll be God's will and that things will always work out. The area’s going good. We have like 10 investigators or something like that, and we're working on finding who of those will actually progress and narrow it down so we can better focus our efforts.

I love y'all and hope ya have a great week!


Elder Elliot Adair

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