Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mormon Profiles: "Hi, I'm Paris"

Mormon.org offers members of the church an opportunity to create a personal profile and share their experiences as a Mormon.  One of the profiles currently featured on the site is of a young man named Paris Thomas.  His story helps to demonstrate the great conversion power of the Holy Ghost and the role that a young missionary -- like Elliot -- can play in helping people accept the gospel.  Here's Paris' story, in his own words:
Two missionaries from the Mormon church knocked on my door when I was 14. I was extremely skeptical about what they taught me and what they believed until one missionary asked me to pray and ask God if what they were teaching me was true. I prayed and The Spirit of God confirmed to me that what the missionaries were teaching me was indeed true. I have received many added blessings through striving to live the principles of the gospel which the missionaries taught me when I was 14, and that is why I am Mormon.
Paris also explains that he received his call to serve a mission of his own to England.  He will undoubtedly be a great missionary.

For more about Paris, enjoy his video profile after the jump.

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