Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elliot's October 18 email - the first from Oklahoma

Here's the first email from Elliot in Oklahoma.  And his new address is posted over on the right.

Hey Mom!

Well I'm doing just fine out here in Oklahoma. It's definitely a way different place from anything I've ever experienced, that's for sure. My companion is Elder Ortiz. He's from both Mexico and Texas, so he's a natural Spanish speaker which helps me out a lot with the language. He's really helpful and seems to be a good missionary. Right now I'm in the Southern part of Oklahoma City, which is really different from any area in Los Angeles . It's a city, but it's all so spread out. There's a lot of poverty, which is tough because I do feel a love for the people, but all I can do is try my best to help in anyway I can. We have a pretty large area to cover, but we have some members who are super helpful in driving us around because we only have bikes right now.

But I'm so glad to hear Grandpa's doing well! I definitely was praying for him and am glad you were able to visit him. We have an investigator (well he's English speaking so not ours, but we stopped by to visit. We only teach lessons in Spanish) who had a heart attack recently and got heart surgery too, so that made me think of grandpa, so that's awesome that he's doing better!

But glad to hear that things are running back at home in California ! I'm grateful that everyone is doing well and that Kim got into BYU! Know that I am doing well and that I'll send pictures home once I take some more. It's kinda difficult to take too many when you're working all the time, but I'll get on it!

Everyone out here is religious, I mean EVERYONE. There is almost literally a church on every block. The people are mostly really humble and willing to talk, which is kinda fun actually. And it's kinda difficult to understand what people are saying sometimes in Spanish, but I'm able to follow along really good, much thanks to my companion. I just have faith and hope that I can go out and help those that are in need of it!

Thanks for everything and I hope you have a great week!


Elder Elliot Adair

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