Sunday, October 3, 2010

Elliot in the MTC choir at General Conference!

When Elliot left for his mission in early August, we accepted the fact that we would not see him for two years.  No visits, just two phone calls a year (Christmas and Mother's Day), occasional photographs, and weekly letters and emails.  So when Elliot told us that he would be in the choir at the Priesthood session of General Conference, we hoped that we might catch a glimpse of him in the television broadcast.  And we did!  The choir sang three numbers.  I couldn't see him in the first two numbers.  There was one group shot where I thought I saw him, but spotting a clean cut young man in a white shirt, tie, and suit in a sea of similar young men is like playing Where's Waldo.  Finally, during the third and final number, there was a brief but unmistakable shot of Elliot.  In the links below, at the 1:50:58 mark, as the camera pans across a small section of the choir, Elliot appears for just about a second in the lower right hand corner before they cut to a different shot.  It was great to see him, especially in that setting.

Here's the link:  If the link doesn't work for whatever reason, go to and navigate to the audio and video streams link on the home page, under the heading for the October 2010 General Conference.  There will be a dialog box where you will select the Priesthood session.  Here's another link that should work also:

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