Monday, October 25, 2010

Elliot's October 25 email

Here's the latest news from Elliot.  It sounds like his living conditions may be less than ideal.  Welcome to mission life!  It reminds me of the late night cockroach massacre at a place where I lived in a suburb of Asuncion, Paraguay (don't ask).  And he didn't feel the earthquake that hit Oklahoma City the day after he arrived.  At least he remembers the impromptu family meeting under the dining room table where we rode out the significant aftershocks of the '94 Northridge quake.  Thankfully, we found a bag of Cheetos under the table, along with all the other contents of the kitchen cabinets that flew out in the initial tremblor.

Hey family!

Everything is going good out here in Oklahoma City so far. The bike is just fine even though the entire area we cover is basically too big to be biked all over. The address I gave you is the mission office address, but that's the best way to get anything out to me. I live in an apartment complex at SW59 and May, I don't know if that's exactly correct or not or if that will help you google map it or not. The complex I live in... well it's admittedly ghetto. I can tell stories already about that place. But let's just say they are trying to find a new apartment complex for us. The church is at SW 55 and Villa. The branch is small, but really good. It really just is pretty different from our home ward, but that's okay. I'm gonna give a talk in it this next week! And believe it or not, I didn't feel the earthquake. Everyone asks me about that because they hear I'm from California, but that was a baby earthquake relatively. I tell them about the '94 earthquake and how we ate Cheetos under a table.

But I'm jealous of that ride dad! When I get back we gotta go back out there or something. And congrats on the Giants making the World Series...go Dodgers! lol. Yeah I've heard BYU is getting thrown around this year and I'm glad Hart is doing pretty well.

Sounds to me like everything is normal around the house. I hope that Alyssa's ACT and concert went well, and that your calling isn't too overbearing mom. And I'm glad Keith and Kim are enjoying themselves!

Things out here are going just fine really. We have an investigator who lost his vision but he agreed to a baptismal date! It's also amazing how guided I feel sometimes to find people that really just need some help and are ready to hear about our message. We are teaching quite a few people right now, but there are a lot of times where we'll set up a time to go by and no one will be there. It's a bit frustrating but I just try to keep pushing on because I realize time is already flying by. These first two weeks here are literally a blur to me, I can't believe I'm already writing home again!

I hope all is going well, and know that I love you and that I'm happy out here :)


Elder Elliot Adair

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