Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oklahoma, the new California - shake, rattle and roll!

We certainly expected that Elliot would carry a little bit of California with him to Oklahoma.  The sunshine, the style, the language.  What we didn't expect was that he would turn Oklahoma into the land of earthquakes!  Less than 24 hours after he arrived, an earthquake hit southeast of Norman, Oklahoma, which is just 20 miles south of Oklahoma City.  Estimates of the magnitude range from 4.3 to 5.1.  You can link to a couple of news reports below.  As a veteran of several earthquakes, including the 6.7 magnitude 1994 Northridge quake (see picture at right), Elliot must have felt very welcome in his new home with this reminder of life in California.

Oklahoma earthquake: We can't seem to shake nature's fury

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