Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mormon Messages for Youth: "Dayton's Legs"

Before his mission, Elliot loved to participate in the Valencia Stake Triathlon at Castaic Lake.  I found a picture of him (right) at the last triathlon before his mission, with his teammate Carlton Reininger.  So I'm sure Elliot would really enjoy this story about Spencer Zimmerman and Dayton Hayward.  Spencer is a 13-year-old Deacons Quorum president from Gilbert, Arizona, and he and Dayton are friends and triathletes.  I'll let the video (below) tell the story, and here's a link to an audio interview and some photos. 

The story of Spencer and Dayton may ring familiar if you've heard of Team Hoyt, an amazing father and son triathlon team.  If you enjoy the video of Spencer and Dayton, please watch the video posted after the jump, which tells the story of Team Hoyt.  It's hard to imagine a more motivational story than that of Dick Hoyt and his son, Rick.  Fair warning: have a box of tissues handy.  This story really gets to me.

Here's some background information on Team Hoyt.  Enjoy the video.

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