Monday, August 22, 2011

Elliot's August 22 email and pictures

Here's the latest email from Elliot.

Buenos dias!

Sounds like it'll be an exciting week! That's a lot going on but I'm sure it'll be fun. Let me know how everything goes!

This past Saturday I tried something called a Hatch Chili Pepper. It was the hottest thing I've ever tried, and I've eaten some really spicy things before. I got it all on video, me eating it. Classic.

My bike is still going through some desafios [challenges]. I put my bike down in front of an investigator’s house and when I picked it back up there were a bunch of cactus spines which I discovered only after having a bunch of them stick into my hand. So I'm going to have to replace my grips. My rear brake got knocked loose the other day but I haven't gotten to fixing it yet. And I think one of the pedals might bust here soon. But it's a good bike and I'm sure will last me for the next year.

We had an awesome week. We taught 20 lessons overall. We've been keeping super busy, so much so that we didn't tract for more than a half hour to an hour all week long. I've never had a time in my mission where I've just taught so many lessons. We're seeing miracles happen and people coming back to church. Yesterday we discoverd that Adrinne, who had been coming to church for the last 6 months, is not actually a member. She loves the church though. She even has an app on her iPhone (Gospel Library?) that she studies at night when she has questions. She's reading the Book of Mormon and likes the example all of the church members set. It was definitely an answer to a prayer for me, because the night before I prayed that there would be someone at church who we could help out. We’re gonna visit with her sometime this week.

So everything's awesome. We've been having a lot of fun, and I couldn't complain!

I love yall!

Elder Elliot Adair

And remember: BEARS [See the picture after the jump to know what this means.]

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