Monday, August 8, 2011

Elliot's August 8 email and pictures

Here's the latest email from Elliot, with pictures after the jump.

Hey y'all!

So my new companion's name is Elder Brennon Jacobson from Maltby, Washington. He's way awesome and we've already seen a lot of work moving forward.

Oh, I forgot to mention. If last week you looked at my bank account and wondered why there was a charge from a movie theater, it's because we got to see 17 Miracles! [Check out the trailer after the jump.]  It was so sweet. I'd recommend it to anyone. It's incredible what the early pioneers went through in order to make it to Zion.

They haven't got me my wheel yet! It was supposed to be there last Thursday so we've been walking and taking the bus. It's alright though. Hopefully it'll come soon. The way I broke the wheel was by dropping it about a foot or two while lowering it from a truck bed. It was kinda ridiculous that it got bent up so badly when really nothing happened, but I imagine it was already out of true. Oh well. Asi es la vida.

This past Sunday was really cool. We had a guy come to church out of nowhere for the first time in 40 years. He was baptized into the church when he was 12 and hasn't really been since. He really only spoke Spanish, so it was good to be there to help him out. None of his family is baptized and he told us that this is the church he wants his kids to be a part of and grow up in. We're meeting with him tomorrow night and hopefully everything goes well! We have a lot of appointments for this next week so it should be really awesome. We found a lot of new investigators and potentials recently so I hope things get going good here!

It's my one year mark this Thursday! It's crazy to think that half of my mission is done already, I just wanna make the most I can with the time I have left. tell Keith Happy Birthday!  [Keith's birthday is August 13.]


Elder Elliot Adair

The second picture is of me and the 2 missionaries I've trained; Elder Nield on the left and Elder Jacobson on the right.

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