Monday, February 13, 2012

Elliot's February 13 email

Here's the latest email from Elliot.


It snowed last night! So we woke up and had a snow ball fight of course. [Check out the video below of the best snowball fight ever.] Its really not a whole lot of snow, and I bet it'll be melted away by tomorrow, but still fun. Today we plan on just doing shopping and play some soccer & basketball at the church. Nothing too exciting but we're not supposed to be going too far today due to, not terrible, but not ideal road situations.

This week was cold but good. Definitely was bundled up all week but we still had pretty good success. One cool experience was on Tuesday. We went to an appointment with a new investigator but didn't catch them around. So we had some time and decided to start walking around the apartment complex and see if there were any doors we should knock. So we start walking around looking for the right doors to knock. We kept on seeing this woman around and we felt like we needed to talk to her, but we were always either talking to someone or too far away. So we kept on going until we decided to switch where we were at in the complex. The first door we knocked we found her and her husband! He let us in right away and talked to him. He's from Honduras and she's from Mexico. He had been baptized in Belize but hasn't really been to church in over a decade and she's not a member. So we are now teaching them and are gonna do Family Home Evening and dinner with them and their kids this Friday. Pretty exciting! And I get to use espanol.

This coming week we have zone conferences, and ours is on Wednesday. It should be a really good meeting. Elder Karl and I are doing a training on goal setting and accountability. I hope it goes well! Our zone has been doing really well lately after training on setting goals then making plans a month ago so hopefully this will bring that training full circle.

So everything's going good here. I don't know if I told you, I think I forgot, but a few weeks ago I got my left knee checked out by a doctor. It had been giving me pain for a while. She said that it was damaged cartilage under the knee that has been catching with my knee cap wrong. She gave me a brace to wear when playing basketball and stuff and said that sometime down the road I would want to get a minor orthoscopic(?) surgery to cut away at the cartilage. It doesn't hurt so bad that I would want to do that now on the mission and be down for some days. Not really a big deal. I'm trying to get back into better shape now to take some pressure off of my knee now.

I'm glad to hear everything's good and normal back home! I love ya!



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