Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"It's All About Birds" Visits Moore

We recently did a story on the blog about the George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The Center, founded in 1983, is
a leader in avian research and conservation and has conducted intensive, conservation-oriented, ecological field research on declining grassland birds, developed and applied techniques for the reintroduction and monitoring of Southern Bald Eagles, managed the successful captive breeding of endangered species and performed bird surveys across the world. In addition, the Sutton Center boasts several educational outreach programs that reach tens of thousands of students and adults each year.
It's been fascinating to watch the Center's bald eagle nest cameras and to stay current on the various birds being cared by the Center via its Facebook page. The Center performs a tremendous service for our feathered friends.

Today I discovered that staff from the Center recently visited Moore Central Junior High (Elliot is currently working in Moore) to present an educational program for students, "It's All About Birds." The event was covered in separate stories in The Oklahoman and the Moore American. From the Oklahoman:
Sutton Avian Center lead trainer Ryan VanZant showed off a bald eagle, a road runner, an owl and a hawk, among others. The show is about fun and learning. The fun included a gray parrot that expressed his dislike for the University of Texas, and a hawk that flew narrowly over the heads of students.
And then there was the crow who snatched a dollar bill from the upheld hand of a student in the crowd. I'm sure he was glad to get it back!

It sounds like a really fun event for all the students. Check out the news video below to see some of the action.


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