Monday, November 1, 2010

Elliot's November 1 email

Here is Elliot’s November 1 email.  He has always been a fan of spicy food, so it’s good to hear that he’s getting his share in Oklahoma.  He once won the jalapeno-eating competition for the young men in the ward.  His congratulations are for the Adair family chili, which won the prize Saturday night at the ward chili cookoff for hottest chili.  Two cans of diced jalapenos must have done the trick!

Hey Dad and Family!

Congrats on you spiciest chili! I gotta say that out here I have eaten more spicy food than I would have ever guessed. We get a lot of food from members of the branch, and whether it's Latino, American, or any other type, it's always super spicy. But the Latinos love it when I say things like "me pica!" (it bites me, meaning it's spicy). But by eating some spicy peppers last night I finally learned how to roll my R's because it loosened up my tongue! So my Spanish is coming along well right now.

Things are good for me right now. This past weekend we weren't really allowed to go out to much due to Halloween, and earlier in the week we had a practically all-day-long meeting so this week was kinda slower work-wise, but time is still moving fast. We have taught some awesome lessons and I really do feel the Spirit guide me a lot in certain places we should go or streets/houses we should knock.

That's another thing, there are not many people on the streets in Oklahoma so we knock a lot of doors. To my surprise, most people are nice, even if they reject you. Others not so much, but that's okay too. I do get chased by dogs because everyone has like 4, but so far no real incidents. I'm happy and riding my bike a lot!

So everything is good out here in Oklahoma City. This past week I bought a couple sweaters and a thermal because it is starting to get cooler. Another Elder who is going home soon gave me a nice coat so that's taken care of as well. So no problems.

I hope all is well at home and I love you all!


Elder Elliot Adair

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