Monday, November 8, 2010

Elliot's November 8 email and pictures

Here is Elliot’s November 8 email and three pictures that he included.  Looks like he’s doing great.


Yes I am definitely doing very well right now. This next week my companion and Elder Measom's (another greenie) companion are gonna be in leadership training meeting for four days, basically from early until late. That leaves two fresh, new gringos to hold down two areas of the South Side of Oklahoma! It should be fine, who the Lord calls the Lord qualifies, right?

So just so you know I'm staying safe and taking care of myself. Most everyone in our apartment complex loves us missionaries, so it's all good. Were you able to find the place I live on Google maps? It's called Almonte, just in case.

That's super awesome about Kyle and Javan! Those are awesome places and I know they'll love it. The mission is an incredible experience. No matter how tough it might get at times, the people you come to know and love make it all worthwhile. Send them my congrats!

And sorry to hear about that spill dad. But I'm glad you got to spend a week at home at least! And the Giants won the World Series. And you won the spiciest chili. We can't always have all of the good luck.

But if I could get pictures of the family that's be awesome! I think it'd be a bit easier in a book type of deal, but whatever you'd like. And actually one thing that would be awesome would be like a church Christmas CD maybe? We listen to a bit of music here in the apartment and that would be pretty nice to have for Christmas time. Other than that I think I'm good. Oh maybe some Lactase too lol.

We're teaching a few pretty awesome people right now. One family we're teaching is completely ready for baptism, except one major problem; the husband was married previously in Mexico and can't figure out how to divorce her. So we're trying to figure all of that out with the help of President Taylor. But they will definitely be baptized sooner or later. We also are teaching these three single moms that live together. They work a lot but there are a few times each week where we all can meet together. They're super awesome and have tons of questions for us. That's always a good sign because it means they know we have the correct answers and feel that we are more than just guys in white shirts.

It's awesome to see people's lives change as they turn towards Christ and accept His teachings. I love to tell about how I know my family can be together forever and that theirs can be too. It's powerful to tell people that, and I know that it is true. It meant a lot to see my brother get sealed to Kim before I left, because that was a super powerful experience and I know that the sealing power is real and that it binds families together forever. That's really why I want to teach people, to help them have that same happiness that I have knowing that the ones I love are not until death do us part. And that God loves us so he gave us His son as a sacrifice introducing mercy into the plan that requires justice.

Anyway, I gotta go now. I love you!


Elder Elliot Adair

P.S. The pictures I attached are one, the Oklahoma sunrise, two, what Oklahoma City really looks like (an empty field), and three, just another picture my comp, Elder Ortiz, took in front of the field. Disfrute! 

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