Monday, November 29, 2010

Elliot's November 29 email

Here is the latest message from Elliot.  We’re glad he had a good Thanksgiving and is being well taken care of in Oklahoma.


So I hope you all had a very awesome Thanksgiving. Just so you know I did eat a great dia de accion de gracias dinner. The Ramirez family made tamales, some kind of bird, ribs (mexican not barbecue), corn, and potatoes. I ate until I really could eat no more it was that good. We also played some volleyball and soccer as a group of missionaries in the morning. We weren't supposed to tract or make visits when we didn't have appointments, so we didn't.

So my new companion is Elder Graham Whipple from Ojai, CA. He was at BYU this past year studying theater. He's a good guy and this should be a good transfer.

This past week we committed a wife and daughter of a part member family we've been teaching to baptism! The wife, Nohemi, and daughter, Gizelle, are planning on being baptized on New Years Day, January 1st. The wife and husband really want to be sealed in the temple, and now are on that path! It's just really awesome to know that I'm able to be there to help them reach that same peace and security that comes from knowing your family can be together forever, like I know mine can. It's so rewarding to see and I can already tell that I was called to be here to help them out, and others, specifically.

So everything is fine out here right now. I've been eating like a king lately; all of the members just can't stop feeding us, so that's awesome. It is starting to get cold, making bike riding a pain, but that's okay. I've got enough stuff to bundle up with. So no worries.

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing okay. Alyssa will get in to BYU, I have very little doubt. So then we can be in the same grade together when I get back! And that's awesome that Keith and Kim will be driving around the van. I hope all is well!


Elder Elliot Adair

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