Monday, November 15, 2010

Elliot's November 15 email

Here's the latest email from Elliot, along with a few pictures.

Hello family!

Well it sounds like you all are doing very well to me!  That's great that Keith and Kim are gonna be able to get the van and that Shawn is getting married and you guys can go.

Alyssa, keep up the good work! I'm sure singing at Disneyland will be super. We'll definitely go to Disneyland when I come back. Yesterday I was visiting a member’s house and it came up that I sang in the MTC choir in General Conference. They then proceeded to ask me to sing for them, all by myself. I'll admit I really didn't want to, but then I thought about you and I was like, if my sister’s an amazing singer, I couldn't be all that bad! So I sang for them, and it was weird/awkward, but it made me think of you lol. And thanks for cleaning the car! I also heard you're sending in college applications? Let me know what happens!

Thanks for sending out that package mom! Don't worry about not sending the CD, it's no problem. I just hope you're surviving school right now. I'm gonna write back hopefully today and I can tell you all about the people and investigators and everything. I'm gonna send some hard copies of pictures too!

And that's awesome that you were able to spend another week at home, dad. I actually haven't heard about the Sharia Law amendment? We really don't hear or see too much of the news as missionaries. I hope your foot is getting better though!

I'm still doing fine out here and keeping warm. The work out here is really tough, and a lot of people really hate Mormons, but things have been picking up. We've been finding more people and having some more success. This past week I got a flat tire. We had made plans to go all the way to the west part of our area, make some visits and do some tracting, but we no longer could. Fortunately, a member that could help us was at the church and that is within walking distance. So we started to walk there and on our way we saw a young mom, Tiffany, who had just stepped out of her house at the perfect time for us to stop and talk to her. We ended up talking to her and her kids for a good half hour plus and learned that she had recently had a number of experiences to the point that she really believed God was trying to reach out to her through us. We now have a meeting set up with her on Tuesday and really are looking forward to it. This is just one of a bunch of examples I've already seen where I can tell I really am guided; that as long as I'm doing what I should, people will be placed in my path that need to talk to us and need the help that comes through the Gospel. It's incredible for sure. I feel like "the catcher in the rye" for sure.

Well I hope everything continues well at home. I attached some pictures that I hope you enjoy! My companion, Elder Ortiz, is the one that we took in front of the mirror and the picture with the empty pizza boxes is me and Elder Measom, another Greenie. We really did eat a whole pizza each. It was awesome. And York Buffet, the restaurant behind me in the picture where I look like a super hero is easily the worst Chinese food ever. Disfruten! (enjoy!)


Elder Elliot Adair

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