Monday, October 10, 2011

Elliot's October 10 email

Here's the latest email from Elliot.

Hola mi familia,

We had a pretty cool week. Adrienne didn't get baptized just yet. We just have a few things to overcome first, but she's so solid. It's incredible to see how strong her testimony is. She's been sharing what she's learning with her family and her friends at work (she teaches 5th grade). We had an awesome lesson with her this past week. I really felt the love God has for her in such a powerful way, and she felt it too. I hope we can help her to have all the blessings that come from living the Gospel of Christ here soon.

Yesterday we had a really cool lesson too. It rained hard on Saturday and continued for the better part of Sunday as well. It looked like it might start raining again at any moment, and where we felt we should go was pretty far from our apartment, but we went anyway. Well it was smart to trust in the Spirit. You can count on Him whenever he tells you to do something. Mary, who has been investigating the Church for pretty much as long as I've been here (without much success, frankly), invited her daughter and 2 granddaughters to sit in on the lesson. Well it turned out that She now has a testimony of the Book of Mormon! The rest of her family very much wanted to learn the same things she had, and we gave them all copies as well. We taught the Restoration and gave Mary's daughter a blessing. It was such a powerful lesson. I could tell they had real intent and were excited for us to come back! Good times.

It rained hard this weekend! It was pretty chilly too. And I learned I don't really have a very good coat. So I think I'm gonna buy one today. I saw a really nice coat on sale at the mall the other week and I think I'm gonna buy it. Other than that everything's going well. I'll let you know when I get the package!

It's amazing how fast this transfer's gone. It feels like every other day is a Sunday. I think we only have like 2 weeks left. And tomorrow is my 14 month mark. It's flying. I really like Elder Jacobson and this ward, but if things change that's okay. It seems like I always leave right before all the fruits of my labors come, but if that's what God wants who am I to say that I know better. I'm just super grateful to be out here serving these good people and serving the Lord. I love being a missionary! It's the best.

And I love y'all too!

Elder Elliot Adair

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