Monday, October 31, 2011

Elliot's October 31 email

Happy Halloween!

Wow that's terrible what happened [we lost a member of the Newhall First Ward in an accident]. I don't think I really knew them too well, or if I did I can't remember, I hadn't been to N1 all that much my year before the mission. But I'll definitely keep them in my prayers. That's the hardest thing to go through I'm sure.

Well I'm in Moore now. My companion is Elder Carlos Soto from Chiapas, Mexico. He's awesome. He's towards the end of his mission (he goes home December 20) and is a great missionary. I've already learned so much from him in just these past 5 days. I'm really excited to be serving with him.

And I'm excited about all of what's going on here! We cover Moore 2nd Ward as well as OKC 7th Branch, which is for all of the young single adults in the area. It's sweet. We have 2 investigators with baptismal dates for the 19th of November, so that's something to look forward to. And Elder L.Tom Perry is coming to our Stake Conference this week! I couldn't have come to the South at a better time. Being a Zone Leader is new and challenging, but it's good. We're setting up some practical ideas and goals for moving the work along in all of the areas. It's tiring, and a lot of work, but that's a good thing and I can feel my capacities growing.

Brother Sorenson is in my ward! [My missionary companion in Caaguazu, Paraguay, and a really great guy!] El era tu companero en la mision, verdad? Hable con el ayer y el me relato una historia. [He was your missionary companion, right? I spoke with him yesterday and he told me a story.] He told me about how you were in the Miami Airport and they asked for your visas, which none of you had. So you called Salt Lake and they told you to just get on the plane. He said he had no idea how y'all got on but you did! [I don't remember any of this but if Sorby says it happened, it must have happened!] I'm super excited to be in his ward. Maybe I can get some more stories off of him. [Oh no!]

Our apartment is way nice. We have 4 missionaries in it which is fun. The address is [redacted], in Moore. I'm in President Taylor's ward, and live pretty close to him as well as the APs [Assistants to the President]. I should be here for at least a few transfers and am very much looking forward to it!

Life's good!

I love y'all!

Elder Elliot

Oh and that's me and Mike Oseletto in the picture. He took care of me while I was in Texas. [He must have forgotten to attach the picture. We didn't get it.]

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