Sunday, November 6, 2011

New pictures of Elliot

President and Sister Taylor posted some great new pictures on their blog, including several with Elliot. The pictures of Elliot are from a November conference of zone leaders, probably in the Oklahoma City area. And we also get to see his new companion, Elder Soto. Enjoy the pictures.

November Zone Leader Council
Top: Elders Cook, President Taylor, Phillips, Ali'ifua, Atkinson, Olsen and Duke
Bottom: Elders Soto, Elliot, Frampton, Hansen, Linford and Kimber 

Elders Ali'ifua, Elliot, Frampton and Hansen 

 Elliot, Elders Soto, Frampton, Hansen, and Cook (?)

 Elliot, Elders Soto, Frampton, Hansen, and Cook (?) 

 Elder Soto, Elliot

Elders Cook, Kimber, Ali'ifua and Elliot

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