Monday, November 28, 2011

New videos of Elliot!

I found a great surprise in my email last night: two videos of Elliot! He recently had dinner with the Randy Lusk family in Moore, Oklahoma. Elliot is currently serving in the Lusks' ward, the same ward attended by the mission president and my mission companion, John Sorenson. Brother Lusk has a photo studio (Alpha-Omega Productions) and was testing a new camera in his home the evening Elliot and Elder Soto went for dinner. Brother Lusk shot a couple of videos and sent them to me last night. With his permission, I've posted them here on the blog. It's great to see Elliot!


Elliot and Elder Soto singing!


  1. Aaaaahhhaaaaahhhaahh!!!!!! Screams from mom!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Elliot earned himself a little bit of a Latino accent! I never spoke spanglish, so I never got one.