Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oklahoma's rockin' again!

Elliot is getting his share of earthquakes in Oklahoma! Early on Saturday, a 4.7 shaker hit in central Oklahoma, along with a series of smaller aftershocks. Then, less than an hour ago, a 5.2 quake hit about 40 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, near the town of Sparks, Oklahoma, and was felt across a wide area. Another report puts it at a 5.6. It will be interesting to read Elliot's email on Monday to find out how strongly he felt it in Moore.

Update: USGS just upgraded the quake officially to a 5.6. A Twitter comment says that's the biggest in OK history. And now there are reports of significant damage in Lincoln County, where Sparks is located.

Update: Here's a video report from msnbc about the earthquakes in Oklahoma.

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