Monday, May 9, 2011

Elliot's May 9 email and pictures

Here's the latest message from Elliot.  He sent some pictures too.  You can see them after the jump.


It was awesome talking to you guys too. [We spoke with him yesterday for Mother's Day.] Y'all are awesome and keep it up!

I guess there's really not too much to update you on that I hadn't done yesterday, but I'm excited to be training! [Elliot will get a new companion Wednesday, a brand new missionary straight from the MTC.] It makes me nervous, but I'm more excited. I just wish I knew who he was. Right now he's sitting in a classroom in Provo, UT. I remember being in his shoes like it was yesterday. It's feels like it was practically yesterday.

And I'm grateful for the time I had with Elder Endicott too. . . . I just hope I'm llegando a ser [becoming] the person God wants me to be!

Everything else is going awesome. I'm still loving this area and the works going well. I'm glad to know it's all good back home too! I love you all and thank y'all!


Elder Elliot Adair

And just for fun I included pictures! One of me in a Model T [for members of the Newhall First Ward, you can see his blue "100 Days" challenge wristband], one of my companion Elder Endicott, and one of an awesome burrito I ate recently at Los Dos Amigos.

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