Monday, May 30, 2011

News from Purcell, Oklahoma

We didn't receive an email from Elliot today, likely because of the Memorial Day holiday.  Maybe tomorrow.  So in lieu of news from Elliot, it might be fun to take a look at the headlines from the Purcell Register, the local newspaper where Elliot is currently assigned.

The top story today is a reminder that the Purcell Public Library will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to a resurfacing project at the Human Resources Center facility.  Due dates to return items will be extended and fines will not be imposed while the library is closed.

The next story, "Devastating," describes the local damage caused by last week's tornadoes.  The nearby communities of Washington and Goldsby were struck by two tornadoes, and homes were damaged in Dibble.  Thankfully, no lives were lost in McClain County, although there are reports of as many as 25 people injured, with two in critical condition (as of last Thursday).  The story describes what happened in Purcell:
Sirens wailed in Purcell starting about 5:26 [p.m.] with public shelters quickly filling to capacity. There was no damage or hail in Purcell and no measurable precipitation in Purcell or Lexington. Purcell’s unofficial rainfall out of the storm was .05.

Devastation statewide was immense after one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in state history.

Purcell City Manager Dale Bunn reported city crews were assisting personnel in the Dibble, Goldsby and Washington areas after multiple funnels moved through the area.

Bunn said as soon as Purcell Public Safety officials were sure Purcell was out of danger they starting lending assistance to neighbors.
I wonder if Elliot was in a shelter when all this was going on.

Next is a story on "Helping Joplin Victims," which tells local folks how they can help those suffering from the effects of the tornado that killed so many and caused massive destruction in Joplin.   The local chapter of the National Mission Disaster Response Team and the Lighthouse Worship Center are both providing assistance.

There is also a story listing all the tornado shelters available in Purcell.  I hope all the missionaries knew where to go!

There are a few other stories and editorials typical of a local, weekly newspaper.  It's fun to read to get a flavor of Elliot's experience in the area.

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