Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

One of the rules missionaries for the Church live by is that their communication with family back home is limited to a weekly email or letter and two phone calls per year, one on Christmas and the other on Mother's Day.  Those phone calls are precious experiences for the families.  We look forward to them, savor them while they last, and hate to hang up when it's time to let our missionary go.

Since today is Mother's Day, we had one of our calls with Elliot.  It was so great to hear from him and to know that he is doing well and is happy.  He is such a positive person.  He enjoys the people and the culture of Oklahoma, and the entire experience of being a missionary.  Nothing seems to phase him -- not the heat, the humidity, the bugs, and the rest of the challenges he faces.  He sends his best to everyone and appreciates the letters and emails he receives.  We'll talk to him again in December!

And in the spirit of Mother's Day, enjoy a fun video after the jump.

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