Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Frederick News Post: "Mormon departs for 18-month mission to 'share the Gospel'"

Today's top story in the art/life section of the Frederick News Post is all about 22-year-old Vita Jeudy, a member of the Church from Walkersville, Maryland.  Sister Jeudy, a convert to the Church of some eleven years, just left on her mission to Oklahoma.  No, she did not go to Oklahoma City, but instead to Tulsa, which is close enough to warrant a mention on Elliot's blog, right?  It is great to see the local media cover a young woman's decision to serve a mission as a newsworthy story. 

The story does a great job of telling of the conversion of Sister Jeudy and her family, and goes on to describe what mission life is all about.  Sister Jeudy, a recent graduate of BYU-Idaho, describes her feelings about going on a mission:
"I feel the love and the truthfulness of the Gospel in the people around us," she said. "They teach us to serve and to have love for those around us, but I never truly felt it until now."
Jeudy said she's not serving a mission to persuade people to be baptized; she's in it to share the Gospel.
"If you join, you join. If you don't, I've tried to share a message that I think should be heard," she said.
We wish Sister Jeudy all the best on her mission (even though she doesn't get to go to Oklahoma City!).


  1. Thank you, I cant wait to tell her about this entry.

    ~ Patricia Jeudy

  2. Hi Tricia, thanks for visiting Elliot's blog. We'd love to hear how Sister Jeudy is doing on her mission. I'm sure she'll be a great missionary.

    Eric Adair

  3. She is doing great, she totally loves OK and the people there. Her Testimony continues to grow with every challenge she faces and people shes meeting. She says every time they find someone who has been soften by the spirit, its like a re confirmation that she is where she should be. And that the Lord is happy with her decision to Serve She said,

    "There is nothing like knowing that the Lord is pleased with what you are doing. I know that the Lord is pleased with me and I know that I have chosen the proper way to serve Him. There is nothing like knowing that you are pleasing the Lord."

  4. Thanks for the update! It's great to hear that Sister Jeudy is enjoying her mission and Oklahoma. I'm sure the Lord will continue to bless her as she serves.

    If you ever get pictures from her in Oklahoma, we'd love to see them and post them on Elliot's blog (if that's ok). Thanks again.