Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elliot's September 6 email and pictures

Here's the latest email from Elliot, a day late due to Labor Day.  There's also two pictures after the jump.


It's not 110 outside! It doesn't even feel real, but it's awesome. Now we just need rain. I haven't really been affected by the fires. We can see some smoke though from the one near Lawton, but it's all pretty far away from what I can tell.

I really am enjoying being in a 3-some. In some ways it's challenging, and doing some things takes longer than if it was just 2 of us. It's so fun though. We'll be together until at least next Wednesday, when we have transfers. I really hope I don't get transferred again, but judging by my track record there's a good chance. I love Texas.

This past week was tough but good. Quite a few things fell through and quite a few tires got flat, but that happens. We have finished teaching Adrinne all of the lessons now, and she seems pretty excited about all of it. She's so awesome. It's been so cool to work with her, see her faith grow, and just have a good time about it. We're planning on going bowling for family home evening sometime this week. We have a few other investigators that are going pretty well right now too. We have 3 appointments tonight with investigators so it should be cool. I'm excited for the work and just trying to stay strong during this middle stretch of my mission.

This past week we went to an investigator's house on the far northeast side of Wichita Falls, which isn't the best area. We knew there was a path next to the Wichita River so we tried to find it instead of riding back on the streets. We ended up getting on a mountain bike trail on the wrong side of the river, but it was so sweet. We were still able to talk to a few people and had a super fun time, but it made me think about how you always go biking, dad. It was pretty cool. We can go ride in 11 months.

Love yall!

Elder Elliot Adair

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