Sunday, September 18, 2011

msnbc: "Texas drought worsens from 'abysmal'"

A recent msnbc story, Texas drought worsens from 'abysmal', reminds us how bad the drought conditions are in Texas and surrounding areas, including Oklahoma.
"Texas conditions continue to deteriorate what little they can from abysmal," the U.S. Drought Monitor stated. That was due to drought expanding into "the southeast, central, south-central, Big Bend region, and extreme south around Brownsville."
The drought conditions have combined with extreme, record-breaking heat in Texas, to create conditions that resulted in the extraordinary wildfires that ravaged the state.
From June through August, Texas suffered the hottest three months ever recorded in the United States, according to the National Weather Service. And the 12 months ending on Aug. 31 were the driest 12 months in Texas history, with most of the state receiving just 21 percent of its annual average rainfall.
This link depicts the progression of the drought over the past twelve months.  Elliot's mission, which encompasses the western half of Texas and northern Oklahoma, is right in the heart of the hardest hit areas.

After the jump, see how some Texans are dealing with the drought conditions.

Video: "Tired of drought, Texans install fake grass"

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