Monday, December 5, 2011

Elliot's December 5 email and picture


Things are going really well here in Moore! Shaun [pictured below] was baptized yesterday. It was a really cool service. Everyone in our Singles Branch stayed. The entire Relief Society room was full and people were standing in the back to be there. His friend who referred him to the church was the one who baptized and confirmed him and it went well. Elders Soto, Clements and I taught the Doctrine of Christ while they were changing and that was really cool too. All of the Book of Mormons we had to give to the members there to give to their friends were given away. This is good because when Elder [L. Tom] Perry came a month ago he challenged our branch to grow to 100 members, and I believe it can happen.

The Bedlam Rivalry Game (OU vs. OSU) was the most important thing to Oklahomans this past week. Saturday was kind of rough for missionary work because of it. Either no one was home or no one was answering the door. There's a field behind the church in a neighborhood that has two flagpoles, one with an OU flag and the other OSU, and on Sunday morning the OU flag was half-mast. People mentioned it during testimony meeting. Half of the people at our Ward Christmas Party took off 15 before 7 to watch it. As you drove down any street you could see in most windows the game on TVs. On Sunday it seemed like most people were deflated by OU's big loss. Football is a big part of life out here.

[Redacted stuff.]

Transfers are this week!  Elder Soto and I are gonna get Elder Karl as our next companion. We'll be 3 together until Elder Soto goes home on the 20th. I'm excited. Elder Karl was in my district when I was in Noble and he's way awesome. It should be a lot of fun.

Well I gotta run. Love ya!

Elder Elliot

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