Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Presidency Announces "Life of Jesus Christ" Bible Video Website

One of the highlights of tonight's First Presidency Christmas Devotional was the announcement of the launch of a new "Life of Jesus Christ" Bible video website.

From the LDS Newsroom:
In addition to reading scriptures from the Bible about the birth of Christ, President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor to President [Thomas S.] Monson, announced a new website — The intent of the newly completed video vignettes featured on the site is to give a better understanding and appreciation for the life and ministry of the Savior Jesus Christ. (Read more about the Bible Videos on the Church News and Events website.) President Eyring said the videos will bring “feelings of light and the joy of angelic visitations that marked Heavenly Father's gift of His Beloved Son as our Redeemer.” 
The videos were filmed at the Church’s recently completed Jerusalem Motion Picture Set, located 56 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah.
In introducing the new collection of videos, President Eyring said:
Like the scriptures which these short films follow faithfully they may seem to you quiet. Your faith and the Holy Ghost will create the emotion these world-changing events deserve.
release from the Church described the background and purpose of the videos.
The project will yield more than 100 vignettes portraying the life of Christ, taken directly from the text of the King James Version of the Bible. Over time, each video will be posted to along with the scriptural text from which it is taken. The goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by assembling one of the finest collections of Bible videos in the world. 
“We intend for these videos to be used freely by individuals, families, and groups,” said Elder Lynn G. Robbins, Executive Director of the Media Services Department. “We want to help our own members strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, and we offer this freely to other churches who may wish to use these videos in a similar way. The message of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be shared as widely as possible throughout the world.”
* * * * * 
The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos website is intended to provide members and their families with a new and meaningful way to learn about and share the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through these videos, individuals can explore biblical environments, watch scripture-based stories come to life, view slideshows, and discover additional insights into biblical accounts. 
The first video, "A Gift to the World," was shown at the Devotional. You can also see it below. We will post additional videos here on Elliot's blog. Enjoy.

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