Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oklahoma History Center: "Oklahomans and Infamy"

Tomorrow, December 7, is Pearl Harbor Day. In recognition of the many contributions of Oklahomans to the World War II effort, and in remembrance of the USS Oklahoma, which lost 429 crewman 70 years ago, the Oklahoma History Center will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor with an exhibit that opens tomorrow, "Oklahomans and Infamy."

In an announcement on its Facebook page, the Center described the exhibit:
Although there weren't any Japanese planes that attacked the state of Oklahoma, many Oklahomans experienced the devastation those planes unleashed on that part of the world. With this new exhibit, Oklahoma and the Day that will live in Infamy, we hope to tell these important stories so that succeeding generations will remember tyranny and its effects in the hope that it will not be repeated. 
Some of the artifacts on display are a Japanese flight suit and naval uniforms, artifacts from aboard the USS Oklahoma during the attack at Pearl Harbor, and letters from a bereaved mother to her son that she would never see again. The exhibit will also feature several interviews with veterans of Pearl Harbor, Wake Island and the Philippines.

From The Oklahoman:
Artifacts on display include a Japanese flight suit and naval uniforms the museum has had in its collection but never before displayed. There are many items that went down with the USS Oklahoma, including the brass letters spelling "Oklahoma" that once were attached to the outside rear of the ship. Also part of the exhibit is a salvaged steering hull. 
"This ship hull was actually one of the aft steering wheels," [director of exhibits David] Davis said. "You wouldn't have seen it, but it was there in case the bridge was disabled." 
Also featured with the hull is "one of the, if not the last, U.S. flags that was flown on the ship," he said.
So, if you happen to be Oklahoma City, be sure to stop in at the History Center for what promises to be a terrific display of Oklahoma history. And even if you can't get to the exhibit, be sure to check out three videos about the USS Oklahoma after the jump.

USS Oklahoma BB-37 (KFOR 4 interview of USS Oklahoma crewman Paul Goodyear)

Remember the USS Oklahoma (on the December 7, 2007, dedication of the USS Oklahoma Memorial)

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