Monday, April 16, 2012

Elliot's April 16 email and pictures

Here's the latest email from Elliot, along with three new pictures after the break.

Happy 50th dad! And congrats on the new firm. How's the first day going? What's the firm's name again? [Hinson Gravelle & Adair LLP opened today.] This, I'm sure, is a big week for ya, huh?

The storms this week blew by us here in Lawton with really no incident. We had some ice-cube sized hail come down on Friday but then nothing really after that besides a lot of wind. That's crazy about Woodward though. It wasn't in my area when I was in Clinton, they have their own branch. But I have a pretty good chance of heading back up to western Oklahoma next transfer. They're opening Weatherford up as its own area. President told Elder Measom, the district leader in Clinton, that the missionary who will open that up is someone who is already familiar with the area and speaks Spanish. I definitely fit the description. That would be pretty cool I think.

Our week here was pretty alright. We had to postpone "Jane's" baptism to this coming Saturday because her mom wasn't going to be able to make it to the confirmation yesterday. She's already passed her interview though so we're good to go. We found some new people to start working with this past week and things should keep going well with the work here.

Elder Aisake Teisina is awesome. He's from Bountiful, Utah and has been out for about 13 months.  Elder Jose Franco, originally from Guanojuato, Mexico but relocated to McKinney, TX about 7 years ago, is legit also. I think it'll be a good transfer together. They're fun to be around and both really good missionaries.

Well I'm doing alright here. I hope y'all are doing good too! Have a fun time at the graduation this week! Felicitaciones hermano and Kim!

Les quiero!

Elder Elliot

Oh and last week we went to the Holy City of the Wichitas. It was pretty fun. Here's a picture of Elder Franco, Elder Grover and I being fanned by Elder Olsen. As well as a couple other photos I thought you might like. Disfruten!

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