Monday, April 2, 2012

MTC Choir sings at General Conference

Elliot's experience singing in the MTC Choir at the October 2010 General Conference is one of the highlights of his mission. His parents loved it because we got to see him! We posted pictures of that experience on the blog (here and here). So it was fun to see another MTC Choir sing at the Saturday afternoon session of this past weekend's General Conference, knowing that missionary parents were straining to spot their son or daughter singing in the choir, just as we did a year and a half ago. And this MTC Choir had a rather well-known member: Elder David Archuleta, the American Idol star who recently entered the MTC before heading to an undisclosed mission in South America.

Here's a picture of Elder Archuleta, followed by videos of the three numbers performed by the MTC Choir. Enjoy.

"Glory to God On High"

"Lead, Kindly Light"

"Praise to the Man"

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