Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mormon Times: "Moving beyond full-time proselyting missions"

We've learned a lot about the variety of non-traditional Church missions as we've written about Elliot's traditional proselyting mission. Several months ago we featured a story about Church-service missionaries, where members of the Church can serve missions of varying lengths, performing service in many different ways, frequently while living at home. More recently, we learned of the inspirational story of Elder Sterling Wyatt, a missionary from Logan, Utah, who served a mission despite physical limitations. I think it's great there are alternatives to traditional missionary service for those who need some flexibility.

Today's Mormon Times includes a video interview of Joel Moriyama, director of the Church-service mission program. It's an interesting look at service missions, and includes some discussion of Elder Wyatt. He explains that 22,299 members donated 9.9 million hours of service in 2011. Enjoy the interview.

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