Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Oklahoman: "Jesus House launches new 'adoption' program"

The Jesus House in Oklahoma City is "an inner-city, non-denominational Christian outreach to the homeless, near homeless, addicted and mentally ill." According to its website, its mission is to "spread the love of Christ by providing food, shelter, clothing and assistance to those in need. We serve Oklahoma City’s needy with integrity and in a manner that exemplifies our commitment to the love of Jesus Christ and biblical principles of stewardship." I don't know much about the Jesus House but it sounds like pure Christianity in action.

Today's Oklahoman features a story and video (below) about a recent block party at the Jesus House designed to kick off a new community outreach program offered by the shelter, known as "Adopt-A-Block." From the article:
Rick Denny, Jesus House executive director, said the gathering was a first for the homeless shelter. The shelter offers a multitude of services to the homeless, such as food baskets, but its main program is designed to help homeless men and women who are mentally ill and suffering from addiction. 
“We have a lot of homeless who are here, but the target of this event is the neighborhoods, Orchard Park and Westlawn Gardens,” Denny said. “Those two neighborhoods were what we wanted to focus on.” 
He said the block party served as a fellowship gathering to help Jesus House staff members and volunteers build relationships with some of the people living in the Orchard Park neighborhood and Westlawn Gardens residential area, formerly known as the Mulligan Flats area. Denny said Jesus House staff members and volunteers plan to visit the homes of their neighbors on Saturdays as part of the Adopt-a-Block program, to identify which individuals and families may be in need of the shelter's services and resources.
This looks like a great program, especially since the resident-guests of the Jesus House volunteer their own time as they serve others in the community who are in need.

Enjoy the video.

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