Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elder Elliot Adair, aka Coach Elliot of the OOII Sharks!

Before leaving on his mission, Elliot spent the the past two summers as an assistant coach for the Old Orchard II Sharks swim team in Valencia, California.  Some of the Shark family follow Elliot's blog and we wanted them to know how much he loved coaching the team.  Each of our kids swam with the Sharks when we lived in Valencia, so Elliot was delighted to return as a coach.  It was very important to him that he finish the 2010 swim season before leaving on his mission.  He loved working with all the kids.  He always told us how much fun he had at the practices, meets, and other events.  And he even got paid for it, which really helps since he is paying for his mission himself (with some help from his family).  Thanks to everyone associated with the OOII Sharks for giving him the opportunity to work with the team and for supporting him in his decision to devote two years of his life to serve on this mission.

Here are some fun pictures of Elliot as a Sharks coach, along with a more recent picture with Jason Garrison just before leaving for the MTC.

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