Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elliot's September 16 email

Here's the latest news from Elliot in the MTC.

Hey Family!
Well, this past week me and my companion were called to be the zone leaders for our branch here in the MTC. That means I'm somewhat responsible for what's happening with 60 or so missionaries. It came as a bit of a surprise to me for sure, but it's all good. It's essentially a call to be an example to other missionaries. Just yesterday I took our new district around the MTC and showed them kinda what's happening. They all looked slightly terrified, but I'm sure I looked the same way coming in too lol.
Speaking of new missionaries, I saw Elder Travis Beach yesterday! He seems like he's doing well, maybe slightly overwhelmed a bit though. But if I can handle the MTC, no doubt he can too. So you can tell Brother and Sister Beach that he is alive and well.
I really feel like I've gotten into a grove here at the MTC. I find myself studying way more effectively and also am having way more fun. It's crazy though that I only have 3 weeks and 6 days left here (not that I'm counting or anything) before I'm thrown into the real deal. I feel like I don't have trouble expressing what I want to say in Spanish even in, or maybe especially in, teaching situations. Yesterday we had some volunteer "investigators" that we had a fake dinner with (in Spanish) and not only did it go okay, but we all had fun, and then left a good message from the scriptures. I dunno, it's just all going well for me here right now.
That's cool though Dad that you could be up here in Provo! Maybe you could like go outside the MTC and start yelling my name or something (chiste! or just kidding en espaƱol). But there is a chance that I may be in the missionary choir at the Priesthood session of General Conference. I don't know how likely it really is, but I'll let you know when I know so you maybe can look out for me.
And who's Alyssa's teacher? Tell them I said she could do makeups. Maybe that'll get her off the hook.
I hope your dance and everything else in your calling is going okay Mom! I know you got it! You're cool and people know it.
How are Kim and Keith doing? Just living the newlywed life in Provo.
Anyway, I hope everything is going okay and know that I am doing perfectly well here at the MTC. Thanks for everything!
Elder Elliot Adair

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