Sunday, September 5, 2010

Elliot's September 2 email

Elliot wrote home the other day but I've been a little slow in posting his email.  Here it is.  He's been in the MTC nearly a month and seems to enjoy it more and more as time goes on.  I heard a news report tonight on the radio about a serious of small earthquakes around Oklahoma City recently.  He should feel right at home if that continues!

Hola Familia!

See, I've already learned a lot of Spanish, like how to say "hello family!" Everything is still going well, and I'm just continuing to learn as best I can. We had a TRC last night, essentially a test of our ability to speak in Spanish and our ability to teach (a volunteer "investigator"), and it went really well. I felt like when I slowed down I was really able to say what the Spirit was telling me, and I could tell my companion was able to also. I definitely talked more though when it was the Spanish part. He isn't super confident in his Spanish yet, but he can speak it well. I'm just trying my best to help him and encourage him. He tells really good personal/spiritual stories when we teach and it's awesome. It's great to have experiences like that, it's super encouraging and makes me excited to go to Oklahoma. I just want to go and talk to people and tell them how they can be happy! But things are way fun here in the MTC and I'm trying to make the most of it.

Thanks for all the support from back home! Tell Alyssa thanks for figuring that out for me! I got her letter and am gonna write her back today. And thanks for figuring out my camera situation! I really do appreciate that. I've taken more pictures and am planning on mailing my SD card home and some other pictures that I took with another one of my cameras. Hopefully I'll have those sent out today too.

That's funny about your second grader though! It was way fun helping out this past summer with them. "Keep calm and carry on?" I think that's what the saying is.

Also I hope Natalie is excited for coming out here! She'll be awesome. Sister missionaries bring a spirit about them that Elders just can't. It's really impressive that she's made that decision and it'll bless many people.

Well, I hope everything at home is going okay! You all are awesome, just stay strong and know that I love you!

Tell everyone that I love them!

Love, Elder Elliot Adair

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