Sunday, September 12, 2010

Elliot's September 9 letter

Elliot wrote a great three-page letter the other day.  He has been in the MTC now for a full month, with another month to go before he reports to Oklahoma City.  His Spanish is coming along well, and more importantly, he is very excited about what he is doing and has a clear vision about the mission he has been called to serve.  He's dodging the flu.  With hundreds of young man and women all crammed together in a confined space, any hint of illness can be a real problem.

Today, Elliot's friends Ian Loveland and Justin Powell spoke in church.  Ian is preparing to serve a mission to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Justin just returned from his mission in Boston.  Another great pair of young men and powerful examples from the Newhall First Ward.  And another of Elliot's friends, Aaron Lee, sent a couple of pictures from his mission in Argentina.*  Aaron lived in Newhall, just about a block from us, for three years while his parents, Robert and Peggy Lee, presided over the San Fernando California mission.  Aaron has been out a year and looks like he's doing great.  Here's a picture of Aaron (left) and his companion with a birthday cake for Aaron's birthday.

* Oops!  Time for a correction, thanks to Peggy Lee.  Aaron is serving in the Peru Lima North Mission.  At least I had the right continent!

And here's a copy of Elliot's letter.

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  1. Thanks for keeping Aaron on our Newhall ward list of missionaries! It was nice of you to post his birthday picture. For the record, Aaron is in the Peru Lima North Mission and for a while was at the mouth of the Amazon River. I told him to stop sending pictures of big snakes wrapped around his neck.
    Congratulations to all these missionaries! We knew they would do well.:)
    Thanks for sharing Elliot's letters.
    Peggy Lee