Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elliot's September 23 email

Here's the latest news from the MTC.  Elliot's really happy that his friend Taylor Johnson is in his zone.  He has enjoyed having so many of his friends with him in the MTC.  They are a great group of young men.  Here's a picture of Elliot and Taylor just before Elliot left for the MTC:

I will try to post pictures of other of Elliot's friends who are with him in the MTC, including new arrivals Travis Beach and Ian Loveland.  Elliot gets to see Travis regularly since they are on the same schedule.

And the big news is that Elliot will be singing in the MTC choir at General Conference on October 2.  We'll warm up the DVR and try to figure out a way to capture an image to post on here.  Let's hope he gets a close-up!

Enough blathering.  Here's Elliot's email:

Hola familia!

So I guess this is the good news email. Elder Taylor Johnson is in the new district in my zone! So as zone leader I get to orient him and he lives just a few rooms down the hall from me! So you can tell his parents that I'll look out for him these next like 18 or so days.

Also, I MADE THE MTC CHOIR!! That means that I'll be heading to Salt Lake to sing during the Priesthood Session at General Conference! I'm really excited, have already had 2 practices and will be practicing everyday until the Session. So look out for me!

Elder Travis Beach is on the same schedule as me, meaning we have the same gym and meal times each day, so I'm able to see him everyday basically. And he's doing really well. It's just awesome to have so many friends here.

Entonces (so), everything is going well here at the MTC. Spanish is going very well. In fact I had a good 20 minute or so conversation this past week with a native Spanish speaker from Mexico! I've learned how to teach with no major problems in Spanish and it's really fun actualmente. I feel like my testimony has gotten way stronger and everyday that goes by I am more and more excited to get out to Oklahoma!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You're awesome and have a great day tomorrow! 32 years old!

I love you all and hope everything is going well at home!

Les Amo!
Elder Elliot Adair

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  1. We'll look for him in the choir--that is so exciting!