Monday, January 23, 2012

Elliot goes mountain biking!

In today's email, Elliot described his mountain biking trip to Lake Stanley Draper. Knowing how much he loves biking, he must have really enjoyed that little adventure. Here's a couple of pictures of Elliot and Elder Karl and their bikes, followed by some information about where I believe they rode. Finally I found several videos on YouTube (courtesy of maxboost83) of the trails where they rode.

Here's a link to the Lake Stanley Draper, which is located on the southeast side of Oklahoma City. This map shows the various trails at the Lake Stanley Draper Mountain Bike Park, which is maintained by the Oklahoma Earthbike Foundation. Oklahoma City's website has additional information about the trails.

Here are the videos.

Red Trail

Orange Trail

Yellow Trail (Part 1)

Yellow Trail (Part 2)

Log Bridge

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