Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mormon Times: "Sacrifice and Mission Service"

A couple of months ago, we posted a story about Will Hopoate, an Australian rugby star who interrupted a promising - and lucrative - rugby career to serve a mission. Elder Hopoate is now serving a full-time mission in Australia and hopes to resume playing rugby when he completes his service in a couple of years.

Tonight, I found a video on Mormon Times, a feature of KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, that features Elder Hopoate. Much of it will be familiar from his "I'm a Mormon" video that we posted before. But there's also an interesting discussion with a former mission president who explains the mission experience and the transformative effect it has on the young men and women who choose to serve. Unfortunately, Mormon Times doesn't make it easy to embed its videos here on the blog, but here's a link to the December 4 episode. You can watch the whole episode, or skip straight to the six-minute segment on Elder Hopoate by clicking on "Sacrifice and Mission Service" immediately to the right of the video. Enjoy.

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