Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elliot's January 9 email

Here's Elliot's January 9 email. Somehow we did not receive it last week so he re-sent it today.


What do I want for my B-day [February 5]? Oh man I'd have to think about it. I'll try to come up with something.

This past week was pretty good. We had our Zone Leader Council on Wednesday which was great. We learned a lot about accountability and goal setting. We got some great ideas that I think will help us to rise and see the vision of what can happen here. We're doing a Zone Meeting tonight after P-day applying much of what we learned so hopefully that goes well.

Things in our area are going pretty well. We had quite a few appointments fall through which isn't too abnormal but it was a bit tough. But we got 6 new investigators, one of which had gone to mormon.org and asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon. He and his family are studying different religions right now and looking for one that fits them. We're going back to teach them this week so that should be good! One of our investigators we've been working with for a while is heading back to Ecuador tomorrow which is sad but she promised to go to the church that's 2 blocks away from her home there. She'll be coming back to OK City later on in the year to visit the Lusks.

Things are going well. We're enjoying a lot of help and direction from both Bishop Peterson and President Bellows. They pointed us to a few families and people to visit so things should really pick up even more here soon. And that's what's up. We've also been meeting with a few of the auxiliary leaders who are very much helping us out as well.

This past week I ate so much spicy food. It was awesome. The Churchs on Monday fed us tacos and Bro. Church had some hot sauce made out of Ghost Peppers. It tasted really good but it was so stinkin' spicy. I think I drank like 2-3 glasses of milk afterwards. [Check out the video below.] I also went to a restaurant with the EQP [Elders Quorum President] of the Single's Branch, Jordan, and got some "Inferno" Chicken Strips. Again, very good tasting, but very spicy. Good times.

Well I hope everyone's happy and doing well in MI and CA! Tell everyone I say hi.

I love y'all!

Elder Elliot

Here's a video from one of Elliot's dad's favorite shows, Man v. Food, featuring Adam Richman as he fails miserably in a challenge to eat ten ghost pepper-seasoned hot wings in 20 minutes.

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