Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elliot's January 3 email

Here's the latest email from Elliot.


Happy New Year! For New Year's Eve I went to bed at like 9:45. We had a normal proselyting day until 5 when we were told to be back at our apartments. So played some games in our apartment until we decided to go to bed early (its not too often you get to do that on the mission). We meant to get up at 11:58 to celebrate the new year for a few minutes but I think we all slept through the alarm. Oh well. And then we had church for 6 hours on New Year's Day after which we had dinner with the Lusks which was fun. We were told not to go door-to-door or just drop in on people that day but we had some appointments set up that went well.

The work is going well here. We have quite a bit of new investigators that we're working with, a few of whom came to church this past week. It'll be nice to have a full week to be working again for sure. So often I'm out of my own area working with other missionaries in their area. But that comes with the zone leader assignment and I'm okay with that. This past week I was able to go to my greenie area and meet up with one of the families that I had been teaching while I was there. The missionaries are gonna start working with them again.

I have a ton of pictures that I'm sending with this email. [We only got one!] Included are playing Santa's helpers to all of the missionaries in our zone, going to the temple with the Komers, making Christmas breakfast with Elder Karl, driving around with the Woods looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and Jan's Baptism. Hope you enjoy them!

The Church is true!

Love ya,

Elder Elliot

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