Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mormon Times: "The Unique Temple Square Mission"

Mormon missionaries serve in missions located all across the United States and around the world. As of May 2011, there were 52,483 missionaries serving in 340 missions, with another 8,583 service and humanitarian aid missionaries serving in various locations. But there is one mission that, despite its less-than-exotic locale, is unique among them all. That is the Temple Square mission in the heart of Salt Lake City, where sister missionaries welcome visitors from around the world in their native languages. And there are no young men missionaries serving on Temple Square, only sister missionaries.

Mormon Times recently produced a segment that focused on the experience of sister missionaries serving in the Temple Square mission. I can't embed the video here on the blog, but here is a link. You can watch the entire Mormon Times episode, or just the segment on the sister missionaries by clicking on "The Unique Temple Square Mission" link to the right of the main video. It's an interesting perspective the experience of these wonderful sister missionaries. Enjoy the video.

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