Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elliot's January 18 email

I should have seen this coming a mile away.  Literally 30 seconds after I hit the "publish" button on the last entry about how we did not get an email from Elliot yesterday, his email arrived today.  Everything is going well in Clinton.  He hopes to send some pictures soon, which I will post as soon as we get them.  Enjoy his email after the jump.

Hey everyone!

So that's awesome that you will be able to work out of Bakersfield dad! That's great news for sure. I know that'll definitely make life easier too.

My apartment is light brick, to the north, and the exact address is 711 S 20th Apt. #22, Clinton, OK 73601, just in case you wanted more specific. It's really a nice apartment too, real quiet.  [There are two nearly identical apartment complexes side-by-side where Elliot lives, one light brick and one dark brick.  The screen shot posted on January 10 is of the correct complex.]

I'm really loving it out here though in the rural West Oklahoma. It's super different, and a completely different culture than anything I've ever seen. The towns are tiny, but it's so fun. We have a lot of teaching opportunities, with actually 11 people with baptismal dates, which is a ton. We don't have as many chances to use Spanish as in the city, but we are teaching in Spanish, with actually 6 of the investigators with dates that we teach in Spanish. It's cool being with another Spanish missionary, especially Elder Gonzalez, because generally in areas like this there's only one Spanish speaker meaning you have to teach lessons all by yourself. But we have a very good flow together. Every time we find someone who speaks Spanish we focus special attention because we're really trying to set the foundation for a Spanish branch out here. While there's only one ward in the entire western part of Oklahoma from Watonga and Hydro on the East to Sayre/Cheyenne and the border of Texas, there was a prophesy that someday the same boundaries would be a Stake. So we're doing all we can to pave the way. At times missionary work could probably be defined as fulfilling prophesies.

The ward out here is taking very good care of us. The Beauregard family feeds us and has us over for FHE every Monday and their RM son Josh and his wife Lauren have us over for dinner/correlation on Fridays. They do a lot for us and it's always so fun. Then we'll have Jigg's [home of the Wooly Burger and the Pig Sickle; get your Jigg's BBQ sauce, relishes, beef jerky, and rubs herepictures below], the best ribs place ever I hear, with Brother Toland and we had Mazzios with Brother Turner today. So needless to say we're not hungry in the least. The ward has a very family-type environment to it and really just take us in as missionaries.

There's a Wal-Mart in Weatherford so we're able to go there to do shopping, and there's a laundry in our complex so we got the basics taken care of. So everything really is going well out here. One thing I think I lost though is my camera cord so I need to get some kind of SD-USB thing, until then I can't send out pictures and I've been taking quite a few!

I hope school is going well and that everyone's happy!

Love ya!

Elder Elliot Adair

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